Wednesday, March 31, 2010

on my lunch break...

attempting to sketch out my new frame wall while perusing my many files of collected photos.  eating a juicy orange.  spilling that orange all over my white shirt.  liking that it is 75 degrees outside.  not that i would know because it's about 65 at my desk.  thinking about this plans except MSU basketball domination and easter brunch at my favorite cuban restaurant with great friends.  contemplating whether i should wait to buy "peeps" until they are 50% off on Monday...
remembering what this weekend is really about.

frame wall thoughts:
I want mine to cross a corner like this.  Could be risky.

This is done by pottery barn.  I like it....but I am not obsessed.
I am inspired by the b&w consitancy and the gorgeous matted frames. 
Love the simplicity--my mother in law has some of her children's artwork displayed like this...along with other pieces..  Her frame wall inspired my old one :)

Another crossed corner....but this is over a kitchen banquet!!!  A kitchen banquet will be one of my top "hope fors" in my someday home. 

and this is one of my favorites....I enjoy how this gorgeously covers the wall from top to bottom...doesn't start at the tabletop or halfway point on the wall.  And that orange frame!!! perfect.  The avocado wall is about 1/2 shade darker than our new dining room color.

won't post another picture of a frame wall until it's my own!  promise.

images via design*sponge, pottery barn, elements of style, & real simple magazine

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  1. I LOVE Victor's 1959 Cafe! I'm jealous ;)