Monday, March 17, 2014

13 months // a couple sentences

Knows what he needs and is completely content until those needs aren't met...namely in the food department.  Spends 3 hours a day sitting in his high chair.  Eats SO much.  Above is his face as Jose reloads his spoon.  
(Yes that is my man and he still has a six pack 30 years deep with 3 babies)
Ellie continues to be a silly, smiling, happy WALKING little blessing.  She generally does not get her way between James and Reagan getting up in her biz...and she's fine with it.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

elle & james // first birthday

Things I have heard too many times...."The first year is a fog."  "You won't remember anything."  "You'll never go anywhere."  "You won't sleep at all."  

I beg to differ.  I slept, I went places, and I can tell you one thing for sure, I will never forget this year.  The sweet, the hard, the crazy.  I'll remember.

We celebrated with deep fried French fries, homemade malts and people that love our twins!  Still amazed at and thankful for this year, my three kids, my hot husband and God's grace.  To HIM be the glory!