Wednesday, April 28, 2010


organization can be art.
containers like this are available at
see this link for other great organizing tips!
these canned goods have a pretty color scheme
i like to take labels off glass jars and reuse them for rice, dry beans, or any other food that comes in a yucky plastic bag.  it would be so easy to label reused or canning jars with scrapbooking stickers so they look classy and fabulous.  you could also use a paint pen.

Friday, April 23, 2010


love this script--via ohjoy

my friend LA is famous....2 photos of her were chosen for a layout in today's post on OnceWed.
go look--she's really pretty and OnceWed is one of the best wedding blogs out there.  The layout LA is featured in is an add for Kate B.(one of the photographers I mentioned in this post.)

what are you up to this weekend?? 
tonight JD & I are going to watch 'The Blind Side.'  I'm pumped.
And I will drink/eat? mass quantities of Carnation Instant Breakfast.
My new favorite drink/food. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

like it list.

coral & blue--gorgeous combonatioin.
and someday it would be fun to have a bathtub with feet clawfoot tub.
could not think of that name for the life of me.  thanks AP.
STUFFED CORN ON THE COB!!  how adorable.
i am not a huge fan of stuffed animals.  i actually REALLY dislike them.
but these, i can tolerate.
lovely elephant pillow from anthro
gorgeous lace necklace
via cheapchica'sguidetostyle
i may or may not peruse crewcuts just as much as big people j.crew.
and i wish i had a reason to buy this for one of my little girl cousins.
i would pair it with bright polka dot tights, and a headband with a flower on it
if I were 9...or it came in my size :)

dress photo via

Friday, April 16, 2010


a lovely bedroom.  not for me.  for anyone that likes it.
start with a basic sheet set {}

and a random inspiration photo from house beautiful.
Not a huge fan of this actual room but I love the colors...especially the paint color.

my attempt at matching the paint
 benjamin moore, november rain (left) donald kaufman collection-dkc62 (right)
get some more inspiration
via house beautiful and elements of style
lovely curtains via anthropologie.
stately chairs to read on from anthro (right) and target (left) price difference of $1500+ dollars. hahaha.
obviously if you picked curtains like the yellow ones you would pick the navy chair and vice versa.

dena designs "leanika maison" in ivory
anna maria horner

find some fabric so you don't have to take out a second mortgage when you buy curtains at anthro.
and get sewing!!! 
 all fabrics via

I would make pillows with the above toss onto this bed (anthro)
made up with the sheets, that we started with.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


love like it list

I tend to cheapen the word love--and I don't want to anymore.  It just doesn't seem right that I use the same word for God, my husband, my mom...and ice cream, beautiful fabric, and pretty frame walls.

so anyways!!!
this pillow is so great.  it reminds me of these pillows which i am a hugeee fan of!  they have all kinds--every state, many large cities, and this pretty America one.  jd and I hope to own a Michigan, Minnesota, & North Dakota one someday.
if you want one buy it at (my friend MK's mom's boutique) 
they have amazing, unique, gifts for you and for home.
HOW AMAZING???  I really like George Washington.  and its hermes!!  I'm not sure if it's still on their website because I saved this picture a looonnng time ago.

okay i know this one isn't quite as beautiful--but it's from target!  and only 300.00!
I think that's a good deal.  But I've never bought a chair.  hahha.

another good deal--this comfy pumpkiny jcrew skirt for $19.99

like zipper details a lot.  especially when they use a good color combo.
photos via
wild.  but like so much.  i almost would prefer it as an accent wall instead.

Friday, April 9, 2010

and oh how the years go by.

happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear gwynnie.
happy birthday to you....
and many more.

photos via cindy or rhonda, rebecca mapes, clara, claire or jordan?, anna or meghan, and kith&kinphotography

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i just want that salmon picture to not be at the top anymore. it's grossing me out.

hand stiched wedding invite by anna bond.

how did she hand stich all of them??  or did she send them somewhere to be stiched?  this baffles me.
maybe it's not that hard.  all I know is it's beautiful.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

wild salmon!!

If you live near a Super Target or Target with a P-Fresh section go grab a bag of their frozen Wild Salmon Fillets...they are on sale for $6.50 (regular $8.99) for a bag of 6-7 fillets now through Saturday.

Great deal.

Do you know the benefits of wild salmon vs. farm raised salmon??  Read this article if you have time or here are some quick facts about farm raised salmon (booo).
1. First, the food that they normally eat in the wild converts into powerful omega 3s for us; the farm raised salmon doesn't have as high nutritional value.
2. Second, the food they eat naturally helps them turn that beautiful pink color to which we are accustomed; the farm raised are therefore fed colorings to make them more palatable to our eye.
3. Finally, the food they eat affects how they taste and there is truly no comparison in flavor or texture.
facts via, image via google