Tuesday, April 20, 2010

like it list.

coral & blue--gorgeous combonatioin.
and someday it would be fun to have a bathtub with feet clawfoot tub.
could not think of that name for the life of me.  thanks AP.
STUFFED CORN ON THE COB!!  how adorable.
i am not a huge fan of stuffed animals.  i actually REALLY dislike them.
but these, i can tolerate.
lovely elephant pillow from anthro
gorgeous lace necklace
via cheapchica'sguidetostyle
i may or may not peruse crewcuts just as much as big people j.crew.
and i wish i had a reason to buy this for one of my little girl cousins.
i would pair it with bright polka dot tights, and a headband with a flower on it
if I were 9...or it came in my size :)

dress photo via jcrew.com

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