Saturday, September 14, 2013


seven months.  3 teeth total.  one almost crawling (e).  one sitting up (e).  one still pretty much laying (j).  two great nursers.  one still getting up for an occasional 2 am snack (j).  one sound night sleeper (e).  one sound day sleeper (j).  two hilarious giggles (rea makes them laugh the hardest). two swing, stroller, bath time, high chair lovers.  two chunky babes (breast milk, avocado, sweet potato, mango, rice, peas, yogurt, banana).  one proud big sister.  one happy little family.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

one year ago.

September 10, 2012 was a very special day. Not only did we close on our first home that we still adore, but Joseph's older sister, Lois was proposed to!
One year ago Kyle texted me to see if Reagan was available to help ask Loie to marry him. Reagan had been spending a lot if time with "LoLo" and "KyKy" but I still couldn't believe Kyle wanted our little rea there. So sweet.

 That evening, during a trip to the park, Loie looked in Rea's pocket and found a stunning diamond ring that she thought Rea had picked up from the playground. In reality it was her dream ring from her dream man. Four months later she would become Kyle's wife. This weekend I was again reminded of how perfect Kyle is for my beautiful sister. God's timing is the best timing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

we love lucy.

How did I get so blessed to not only marry the man of my dreams but get 4 sisters in with the deal?

 Plus a beautiful blonde sister in law that is sadly not pictured because she was off with her man on a fun little trip this weekend.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!  (Especially little Luc who is getting married in less than 4 months and I still just can't even wrap my head around that.)

 Thankfully she is marrying one of THE BEST guys in the world, so it's quite a bit easier to stomach.  

Had to throw a little chunky babe action in there.  Happy Sunday!