Friday, January 29, 2010

pretty bows.

bow tie skirts! from modish j.crew

bows on the beach.

bows on your bed
bows on your feet!  photo via sartorialist
I love love love this photo and finally have an excuse to put it up.  I think these fashionistas are Kappas.  European Kappas. 
For the frugalista...feminine earrings from this great blog I just found.  I think a high waisted pencil skirt with this etsy belt over it would be so amazing.

happy weekend :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the original Mrs. O

perfect posture and poise

+ simple, sheek, quality clothing

+ a great purse (Chanel on the left) and a little heal

+ huge, black sunglasses

= my favorite things about Jackie.
You might have heard some people compare the current First Lady's fashion with that of Mrs. Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  Mrs. Obama has worn some killer outfits (e.g. inauguration day) but should not be compared with the original Mrs. O.  This Newsweek article says it better than I could:

"Kennedy was the epitome of 1960s haute couture. Her style was aspirational, unattainable. Obama is more of a fashion populist. It's hard to imagine Kennedy, in her pillbox hat and leopard-skin coat, dishing about shopping at J.Crew." 
Katie Connolly NEWSWEEK Published Nov 29, 2008 for the rest of the article

I LOVE JCREW (and if you know know that's an understatement)  I have been a loyal J.Crew shopper for over 10 years and worked there during college.  Yesterday, I wore my first J. Crew "Jackie" Cardigan that I received for Christmas from my mom during my sophomore year of high school.  But Jackie O. didn't shop at J. Crew.  Well maybe she did (although in the early 90's the brand/quality was not half of what it is now so I really doubt it)...but she surely didn't wear a cardigan while visiting the Queen of England.

--images via google

slip away...

My parents (cg & sg) embarked on an adventure late 2009.  They sold their beautiful country home and put the majority of our families belongings at our cottage/gave them to me/donated them to goodwill.  It has been sg's dream since he was a boy to live on a sailboat.  And cg has always loved traveling the that's what they do now.  They live on a sailboat and have been venturing down the southeastern coast of the USA for the last couple of months.  Today they are in Biscayne Key, Florida.

I can just picture my cute mama with a brightly colored outfit on...walking the streets...becoming fast friends with whomever she meets in whatever cute shop she walks in to.  And then sg...with his faithful companion, Schooner, by his side...fixing something on the boat and sipping a little glass of vino.

I miss them.

schooner in the dinghy.

sg in front of his vessel. (south carolina in november)

--photos via cg

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pretty wall inspiration

living room --inspired by mom & stepdad's kitchen.

hallway inspiration

dining room inspiration

--images via elements of style, housebeautiful


We extended our lease.  We love our apartment, we love our location, we want to stay there...but I also want pretty walls.  And with a longer lease we have a new privledge.

We were given the right to paint...but with that right we were given many rules.
1.  We can only use Valspar Colorstyle Latex Satin Enamel Paint
2.  We can only use light-medium colors (boo)
3.  The apartment company must pre-approve the colors (booooo)
4. We are not allowed to actually paint.  The socialist painting rule makers get to paint.  This might seem like a positive to some but I love painting and I like control.
5. They are not responsible for the sample not matching the dried color on the wall...but we can't test the paint.  (BOOOOOO)

So you might think I would play it safe with all these rules.  But I'm not.  Today, my sweet husband will take my light to medium very bright colored paint swatches to the office and attempt to get them approved. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

the best job.

I'm JD's wife.  I have the best job in the world (besides being a mother, but I have not been blessed with that job yet...).

I have been job hunting since I was about 5 years old (sad but true).  I had some okay interviews, some really lousy interviews...but I finally applied to the right job during October of my sophomore year in college.  I kind of knew I would get the job right away...but not until July 1, 2007 was I given the official offer.

I started working on June 13, 2008 around 6:30pm in a garden.  It was a sunny day, turned rainy day, turned stormy day, turned beautiful sunset day.  It was the best day of my life.  God held the rain in during our ceremony and then let it out as we walked inside to the reception...He knew how sad I would be if my hair got wet.
I am not sure what this blog will be about yet.  I know that I usually won't write this much--because I'm not a good writer (my husband is).  But at least you know why it's called JD's wife. 

ps-if you think my blog header is beautiful (I do) leave me a comment with your email and I will tell you where to find the artist.  she's an amazing graphic designer...and a really good photographer..and a really good friend (all in one)