Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the original Mrs. O

perfect posture and poise

+ simple, sheek, quality clothing

+ a great purse (Chanel on the left) and a little heal

+ huge, black sunglasses

= my favorite things about Jackie.
You might have heard some people compare the current First Lady's fashion with that of Mrs. Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  Mrs. Obama has worn some killer outfits (e.g. inauguration day) but should not be compared with the original Mrs. O.  This Newsweek article says it better than I could:

"Kennedy was the epitome of 1960s haute couture. Her style was aspirational, unattainable. Obama is more of a fashion populist. It's hard to imagine Kennedy, in her pillbox hat and leopard-skin coat, dishing about shopping at J.Crew." 
Katie Connolly NEWSWEEK Published Nov 29, 2008 for the rest of the article

I LOVE JCREW (and if you know know that's an understatement)  I have been a loyal J.Crew shopper for over 10 years and worked there during college.  Yesterday, I wore my first J. Crew "Jackie" Cardigan that I received for Christmas from my mom during my sophomore year of high school.  But Jackie O. didn't shop at J. Crew.  Well maybe she did (although in the early 90's the brand/quality was not half of what it is now so I really doubt it)...but she surely didn't wear a cardigan while visiting the Queen of England.

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  1. I think she looks a lot like you in the sunglasses photo : )