Wednesday, January 27, 2010

slip away...

My parents (cg & sg) embarked on an adventure late 2009.  They sold their beautiful country home and put the majority of our families belongings at our cottage/gave them to me/donated them to goodwill.  It has been sg's dream since he was a boy to live on a sailboat.  And cg has always loved traveling the that's what they do now.  They live on a sailboat and have been venturing down the southeastern coast of the USA for the last couple of months.  Today they are in Biscayne Key, Florida.

I can just picture my cute mama with a brightly colored outfit on...walking the streets...becoming fast friends with whomever she meets in whatever cute shop she walks in to.  And then sg...with his faithful companion, Schooner, by his side...fixing something on the boat and sipping a little glass of vino.

I miss them.

schooner in the dinghy.

sg in front of his vessel. (south carolina in november)

--photos via cg


  1. I really like the phrase "schooner in the dinghy."

  2. Your parents are very adventurous -- so cool! I'm actually planning the same thing when I get older and retire. I always have my love for a real ocean adventure since my first sailing trip with my uncle. We're waiting for his CE proofing and we'll be joining him for a trip again this summer.