Friday, December 17, 2010

no complaints here.

playing with daddy.
first real bath!
family photo attempt.
 trying to nap.  i STINK at napping.
gram/grammy/yia TBD.  
dad home for lunch.  i have the best husband ever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reagan rosalie


november 24, 2010
10:04 am
20.5 inches long

she is so so amazing.  thank you, Lord!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

35 weeks.

my friend m.n. just sent me these photos and I realized that my mom has not seen me since I was 30ish I have to post them :) 
ld 4 weeks ago...
one of my dearest college friends, m.n.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 +/- 2 weeks.

the time has come and i am pumped.  my fav things lately have been baking and washing ld's clothes/diapers.  must be that nesting finally kicking in. 

i bought d some amazing, flower filled, hair accessories on friday and felt kind of guilty so here is my attempt to make up for that.  a little boy would be such a blessing.
etsy shop: cloo gifts
i know this is a girl - but so cute for a little man.
etsy shop: mya's eyes
joanna goddard(of cupofjo fame)'s, son, toby.
cutest little boy of 2010 besides rocco p. & seb s!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

rocco's room

my college roomate, mk, had the most beautiful little boy in september.
in fact, she was in labor on labor day.
i think that's really cool.
little rocco!

i think you will love his wonderful nursery that his pretty mama decorated.
vintage crib that mk found at a flea market for 40 bucks WITH MATTRESS!!!  paired with a dwell studio for target sheet (little d has the matching receiving blankets!..the sheet is still available for purchase)
look at that amazing cowhide.
and the metal stackables hold rocco's diapers and sheets.
another view of the amazing just ordered new blinds but i like the shower curtain that she used temporarily!  it totally works. i am sure her or her dad painted those little block paintings on the wall but she didn't say.
this shot shows off the beautiful wall color she chose.
mk & her husband just bought this house.  it looks like it has amazing character!
rocco's door :)
the closet/cubby...look at rocco's amazing vintage suitcase collection!
wonderful lime green chair.

thanks for sharing, mk.  i can't wait for rocco and little d to meet and be friends (or boyfriend/girlfriend)
miss you so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We are SO fortunate to live in get out tomorrow and VOTE!!!

God bless the USA.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

my words.

i want my words to be a blessing.
i want them to be an example for little d.
encouraging to my husband
and everyone around me.
i fail in this a lot.

a portion of today's devotional that i receive every morning:

Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips, Psalm 141:3(NASB) that I may not stumble in what I say. James 3:2(NASB)

Let my speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, Colossians 4:6(NASB) and enable me always, out of the good treasure of my heart, to bring forth what is good. Matthew 12:35(KJV) Let my mouth utter wisdom, and my tongue speak justice; Psalm 37:30(NASB) and do not let Your words depart from my mouth, nor from the mouth of any of Your people, nor from the mouth of our offspring, nor our offspring’s offspring, from now and forever. Isaiah 59:21(NASB)

Enable me always to open my mouth in wisdom, and let the teaching of kindness be on my tongue. Proverbs 31:26(NASB) Give me to know what is acceptable, Proverbs 10:32(NASB) that my tongue may be as choice silver, and my lips may feed many. Proverbs 10:20-21(NASB)

-via matthew henry's method for prayer daily devotional

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

healthy rainbow pancakes!

photo: mckmama

i can't wait to make these for/with little d. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

being pregnant is a wonderful thing.

many people stop me during the day and ask "how is it going?"  "is it getting pretty bad?"  "are you soooo uncomfortable?"  my answer is usually "I feel great."  because I do.  and God is good.  I was excited to be pregnant for many obvious reasons but I think the world gives pregnancy a bad wrap.  It's a blessing.  Children are a gift from God and so is the way that He designed them to come in to this world.  It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes but here are a few reasons why I love it:

1.  little d is with me all the time!!
2. people stop me in the skyway (minneapolis's version of a sidewalk)/elevator and tell me that i "look sooo cute" or ask me "when are you due?"  then we get to have a fun little blessing of a conversation. 
3. i felt like making thanksgiving dinner on tuesday, and so i did.
4. i eat lots of donuts.
5. people wait way longer than usual to hold a door open, offer to carry your groceries, or just stare at your big belly and smile (usually in a very non creepy way)
6. receiving many picture texts/care packages with little pieces of little d's wardrobe.  our families excitement about our little gift could be the best part of the whole thing. 

thanks Lord.  praying and hoping for when we get to meet this little one.  and enjoying my pregnancy until then.

Friday, October 8, 2010

cloth diapering I

i am really excited to use my little tiny cloth diapers...i keep looking at these pictures of an 8 week old...

prefold with bummis cover over it.

w/o cover

photos used with permission from greenmountaindiapers.

why am i cloth diapering?  i had intentions of writing this long, informative masterpiece post about my journey to this decision but i still haven't finished it so i will sum it up with bullets in the order of how it came about:
  • i was cloth diapered
  • i thought it would save me thousands of dollars
  • gwynnie worked at a store that sold cloth diapers and gave me amazing information
  • i did tons of research.  like days worth.
  • i realized that because we pay for our laundry by the load it will only save us a couple hundred dollars for our first babe ($1000+ for babies # 2, # 3...etc. so we decided it was still worth it!)
  • cloth diapers are adorable and amazing for my babies bottom (i.e. no chlorine/chemicals that are not allowed to be in feminine products but are pumped in to disposable diapers)
  • it takes 500 years for 1 diaper to degrade in a landfill.  and let's face it.  i'm somewhat of a crunchy con. 
  • i hear that with SOME cloth diapers/babies you will have less blow outs and less diaper rash.  i am not depending on this 'hearsay' but hoping it will be true for me & little d!!!
i will be using prefolds from mamagoose/prowraps through the newborn stage.  after little d is about 10-11 lbs i will use a combination of prefolds from mamagoose/greenmountaindiapers with bummis/thirsties covers and some all-in-one cloth diapers (fuzzibunz&bumgenius).  this could very well change...but it's the plan as of now.

prowrap over prefold for the newborn stage.
fuzzibunz all-in-one (can be used from 10 lbs. to potty training)
bum genius 3.0 all in one (can be used all the way through as well!)

i have never changed a cloth diaper.  i don't even think i have seen a baby wearing one in real life. this could be awful...however, i have committed to it and am ready for the challenge!

God bless your weekend :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

last night's dinner

quick, easy, full of omega 3's...and JD loved it.

salmon cakes.
a couple tbsps olive oil
1 stalk of celery
a little bit of an onion (about a 3rd is what I used)
1/2-3/4 cup oatmeal
1 egg
2 6oz. cans of trader joe's wild salmon (or any kind...but tj's is salt free and really good/cheap)
a spoonful or two of mayo
a couple tbsp of fresh or dried parsley
salt & pepper to taste

preheat oven to 450.  saute chopped celery and onion in oo (maybe add some garlic...i didn't but will next time) for a couple of minutes.  mix up the rest of the above ingredients...add sauted celery/onion last.  make little cakes (this makes 8 medium sized ones) with your hands.  if you a lot of time...brown the cakes in the same pan with a little bit more oo for a couple minutes.  i just baked them on a greased cookie sheet for 15-20 minutes.  mix up the below sauce in a bowl.  serve over salad or however you want with lemon wedges and lots of sauce drizzled on top.  this fed us for one meal with enough leftovers for one of us to have it for lunch but we eat a lot.  enjoy!

yummy sauce.
a couple tablespoons of plain yogurt
a couple tablespoons of mayo
fresh or dried dill
1/2 of a lemon worth of juice

**note: you could make this gluten free by substituting oatmeal with quinoa.  you could also sub oatmeal with breadcrumbs.

recipe inspired and changed around from one i found on

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

31 weeks

for my 2 friends that don't have fb. 
and because, let's face it.  i love being pregnant.

this was taken by ap at the most lovely baby party/shower that her and cz threw me last weekend.
it blessed jd and i so very much!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

the weekend.

crazy week and not a lot of time to blog.  i hope that you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this adorable little website:

sneak peak: 

                          photos: joyfolie
yes these are baby/toddler shoes!!!
even though I would wear them all.

happy birthday weekend to my beautiful mom and mom d!  not only are they amazing mothers but now...gorgeous grandmas~so thankful for you both.

Friday, September 17, 2010

happy constitution day.

today we celebrate the creation of our great countries Constitution.  have you read it?  you should.  if you need a free copy go here.

"a government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have."
-ronald reagan

God bless the USA.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

nursery inspiration II

i think i more enjoy the little babe sitting in front of it.
the two looks above remind me of frank's nursery in Father of the Bride 2...
top 10 best movies ev.
but not as good as FOB 1.
perfect nursary rug.
thrift store chair lovely!
this wall color and bedding might be my favorite so far...
bedding is same as jenna lyons nursery from my
photos: me&wee

Monday, September 13, 2010

the more important post of the day.

why you are an amazing brother:

you're the only one that shares my love for everything gummy
you remember every, annoying, detail of our hilarous, wonderful, childhood like...
loosing our luggage half way across the world.
playing "post office" day after day after day.
catching frogs night after night.
junior mint disasters.
skyway mcdonalds returns
you did not like the beach (ptl that you do now!)...but you still let me sit there all day, every vacay.
you still love me even though i made you late to first hour wayyyy too many times.
you talk more than i do.
you have the greatest taste in music.
you will be an amazing uncle!!
you miss him just as much as I do, in the same exact way.

and you ROCK. 

have the best birthday bb!!  i'm always here for you.

favorite fall trend I

image: banana
I wore my scarf like this 2 weeks ago with a dress after accidently belting over it.  I really liked also accentuates your babebelly for some reason.  Or that could have been my belt. 
anyways the "look" is all over the place.
jcrew had it on a mannequin using this amazing scarf, a cardigan, and a mini skirt.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i can't even wait.  mostly because of one precious little d that I get to meet in 12ish weeks.  but the below things are making me really happy also. 

pumpkin spice lattes & hot apple cider
soup or chili for dinner at LEAST once a week.
we had our first soup last night...chicken tortilla lime.  perfecto.
watching vikings games on the couch with JD.
bf working it.  all above photos: googleimages

happy labor day weekend!  taking off tomorrow and going to the lake.
it is supposed to be cool and sunny. 
little d's grandma is making chili and spaghetti and for some reason nothing sounds better.
sweet that ld gets to hear both grandma d and yia yia g's voices in the same week!
 bad medicine lake--photo: ad

god bless your day!