Monday, September 13, 2010

the more important post of the day.

why you are an amazing brother:

you're the only one that shares my love for everything gummy
you remember every, annoying, detail of our hilarous, wonderful, childhood like...
loosing our luggage half way across the world.
playing "post office" day after day after day.
catching frogs night after night.
junior mint disasters.
skyway mcdonalds returns
you did not like the beach (ptl that you do now!)...but you still let me sit there all day, every vacay.
you still love me even though i made you late to first hour wayyyy too many times.
you talk more than i do.
you have the greatest taste in music.
you will be an amazing uncle!!
you miss him just as much as I do, in the same exact way.

and you ROCK. 

have the best birthday bb!!  i'm always here for you.

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