Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

jamesey & elle // ten month old little bugs

Sometimes I still stare at them in disbelief.  I have maybe said this before but my favorite part of twin rearing is that I have been given two OPPOSITE children at one time.  Their differences are more apparent every day.  It could not be sweeter.  
James (big Jim, jamesey) continues to be my content little sweetie.  He is tender as they come and bursts into tears at a firm "no."  When Ellen (Elle, belle, Ellie bellie) hears a firm "no" she, for the most part, smirks or gives us a big Ellie grin.  She loves cupboards, shelves, baskets of perfectly folded laundry and attempting to dive into the empty bathtub.  Jamesey loves watching his sisters, playing peek-a-boo, looking at books in my lap and sitting in the bath.  Standing on her own is Ellie's latest.  Scooting backwards is Jamesey's only form of movement.
They both LOVE: their big sister, eating and nursing.  They continue to grow like weeds especially big Jim.  His nickname at birth was so funny when he was a tiny little alien newborn but now is perfectly fitting.  He is a big baby with quite possibly the biggest and best smile I have ever seen.
I forgot to mention the nickname that Reagan coined for Ellen.  Trouble.  "Here comes Trouble" is a popular phrase around here and while she is quite the mischievous little chicken she is also my cuddliest baby and very much a mamas girl.  She still sleeps incredibly and melts our hearts with her determined but sweet nature.  
I am mostly writing this randomness so that I can remember.  This has easily been the fastest year of my life.  Looking forward to our first Christmas in our own little house with our three perfect babies from Jesus...and my sweet brother Ben!  Have a great week y'all.  
And, yes, there are a lot of naked/partially naked pictures lately and I don't really know why since it's -2 out but that's what I've got.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

reagan rosalie turns 3.

It has been over a week since Rea turned 3.  I feel like I am constantly saying this but it's just so true, she FILLS my life with laughter.  I am amazed by her cleverness, sharp memory, hilarious pretend play, long attention span and tender spirit.  I am a little bit scared of how much she reminds me of myself and in awe of the way she adores her dad.

We celebrated all week.  She loved opening mail from so many generous people and decorating our home for her friends party. On her actual birthday we headed to grand forks where auntie Lucy surprised her with her very own DQ ice cream cake.  That Lucy knows the way to Reagan's heart (and mine for that matter).  Y'all know that birthdays and presents are my favorite, but watching my babies grow up and celebrating them is way sweeter.  Every day with them is an undeserved GIFT.