Tuesday, December 3, 2013

reagan rosalie turns 3.

It has been over a week since Rea turned 3.  I feel like I am constantly saying this but it's just so true, she FILLS my life with laughter.  I am amazed by her cleverness, sharp memory, hilarious pretend play, long attention span and tender spirit.  I am a little bit scared of how much she reminds me of myself and in awe of the way she adores her dad.

We celebrated all week.  She loved opening mail from so many generous people and decorating our home for her friends party. On her actual birthday we headed to grand forks where auntie Lucy surprised her with her very own DQ ice cream cake.  That Lucy knows the way to Reagan's heart (and mine for that matter).  Y'all know that birthdays and presents are my favorite, but watching my babies grow up and celebrating them is way sweeter.  Every day with them is an undeserved GIFT.

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  1. What a perfect birthday for her! We have that same doctor's costume (from Creative Kidstuff), I can't wait till it fits Malachi. Which will happen right around the time his big brother becomes a real Dr., haha!