Tuesday, November 23, 2010

35 weeks.

my friend m.n. just sent me these photos and I realized that my mom has not seen me since I was 30ish weeks...so I have to post them :) 
ld 4 weeks ago...
one of my dearest college friends, m.n.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 +/- 2 weeks.

the time has come and i am pumped.  my fav things lately have been baking and washing ld's clothes/diapers.  must be that nesting finally kicking in. 

i bought d some amazing, flower filled, hair accessories on friday and felt kind of guilty so here is my attempt to make up for that.  a little boy would be such a blessing.
etsy shop: cloo gifts
i know this is a girl - but so cute for a little man.
etsy shop: mya's eyes
joanna goddard(of cupofjo fame)'s, son, toby.
cutest little boy of 2010 besides rocco p. & seb s!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

rocco's room

my college roomate, mk, had the most beautiful little boy in september.
in fact, she was in labor on labor day.
i think that's really cool.
little rocco!

i think you will love his wonderful nursery that his pretty mama decorated.
vintage crib that mk found at a flea market for 40 bucks WITH MATTRESS!!!  paired with a dwell studio for target sheet (little d has the matching receiving blankets!..the sheet is still available for purchase)
look at that amazing cowhide.
and the metal stackables hold rocco's diapers and sheets.
another view of the amazing crib...mk just ordered new blinds but i like the shower curtain that she used temporarily!  it totally works. i am sure her or her dad painted those little block paintings on the wall but she didn't say.
this shot shows off the beautiful wall color she chose.
mk & her husband just bought this house.  it looks like it has amazing character!
rocco's door :)
the closet/cubby...look at rocco's amazing vintage suitcase collection!
wonderful lime green chair.

thanks for sharing, mk.  i can't wait for rocco and little d to meet and be friends (or boyfriend/girlfriend)
miss you so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We are SO fortunate to live in America...so get out tomorrow and VOTE!!!

God bless the USA.