Friday, October 8, 2010

cloth diapering I

i am really excited to use my little tiny cloth diapers...i keep looking at these pictures of an 8 week old...

prefold with bummis cover over it.

w/o cover

photos used with permission from greenmountaindiapers.

why am i cloth diapering?  i had intentions of writing this long, informative masterpiece post about my journey to this decision but i still haven't finished it so i will sum it up with bullets in the order of how it came about:
  • i was cloth diapered
  • i thought it would save me thousands of dollars
  • gwynnie worked at a store that sold cloth diapers and gave me amazing information
  • i did tons of research.  like days worth.
  • i realized that because we pay for our laundry by the load it will only save us a couple hundred dollars for our first babe ($1000+ for babies # 2, # 3...etc. so we decided it was still worth it!)
  • cloth diapers are adorable and amazing for my babies bottom (i.e. no chlorine/chemicals that are not allowed to be in feminine products but are pumped in to disposable diapers)
  • it takes 500 years for 1 diaper to degrade in a landfill.  and let's face it.  i'm somewhat of a crunchy con. 
  • i hear that with SOME cloth diapers/babies you will have less blow outs and less diaper rash.  i am not depending on this 'hearsay' but hoping it will be true for me & little d!!!
i will be using prefolds from mamagoose/prowraps through the newborn stage.  after little d is about 10-11 lbs i will use a combination of prefolds from mamagoose/greenmountaindiapers with bummis/thirsties covers and some all-in-one cloth diapers (fuzzibunz&bumgenius).  this could very well change...but it's the plan as of now.

prowrap over prefold for the newborn stage.
fuzzibunz all-in-one (can be used from 10 lbs. to potty training)
bum genius 3.0 all in one (can be used all the way through as well!)

i have never changed a cloth diaper.  i don't even think i have seen a baby wearing one in real life. this could be awful...however, i have committed to it and am ready for the challenge!

God bless your weekend :)

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