Thursday, October 21, 2010

being pregnant is a wonderful thing.

many people stop me during the day and ask "how is it going?"  "is it getting pretty bad?"  "are you soooo uncomfortable?"  my answer is usually "I feel great."  because I do.  and God is good.  I was excited to be pregnant for many obvious reasons but I think the world gives pregnancy a bad wrap.  It's a blessing.  Children are a gift from God and so is the way that He designed them to come in to this world.  It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes but here are a few reasons why I love it:

1.  little d is with me all the time!!
2. people stop me in the skyway (minneapolis's version of a sidewalk)/elevator and tell me that i "look sooo cute" or ask me "when are you due?"  then we get to have a fun little blessing of a conversation. 
3. i felt like making thanksgiving dinner on tuesday, and so i did.
4. i eat lots of donuts.
5. people wait way longer than usual to hold a door open, offer to carry your groceries, or just stare at your big belly and smile (usually in a very non creepy way)
6. receiving many picture texts/care packages with little pieces of little d's wardrobe.  our families excitement about our little gift could be the best part of the whole thing. 

thanks Lord.  praying and hoping for when we get to meet this little one.  and enjoying my pregnancy until then.

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