Monday, August 16, 2010

nursery inspiration I

We bought little d's crib this weekend.  We went with the white, birch, gulliver from Ikea.  LD will share a room with us at first and then move it to his/her room closet :) 

I won't be decorating my own nursery (although I have many ideas of how to make little d's "areas" special) but I will be helping my friend CZ with hers!  Here are some of my inspiration photos for her little one's room.
Jenna Lyons' (Creative Director for J.Crew) Nursery..featured in a past issue of Domino Mag
Gray/Yellow - my favorite unisex combo.  CZ already has a lot of gray in her home so we are going to use a different color for the walls, but this has other good ideas
photo: ohdeedoh
I love this crib, the amazing circular mirror and that sweet and simple window treatment
photo: ohdeedoh
 Attention: Rocker, colors, window treatment, and hangings.  I think a baby would love staring up at those chinese lanterns and froofy things (not sure what to call them? but know I've seen a DIY in Martha sometime this Spring) 
photo: odeedoh
I don't care for the curtains but enjoy the color palette, light blue crib, polka dot chair, and alphabet around the ceiling!
photo: elementsofstyle

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