Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cleaning with water!

Sometimes I struggle with wanting everything to be natural and healthy and perfect.  It can turn almost in to an idol for me so I have to be very careful.

EX.  I use dryer sheets.  I didn't know they were bad, I just liked the smell.  I learned they "can cause cancer." because of all the many chemicals involved - do not quote me on this...it's just what I HEARD (from a wise source).  Anyways.  I went home one night and was about to throw away all of our dryer sheets.  My voice of reason AKA J.D. caught me in this act.  He asked me why.  I gave him the reasons.  He smiled and said "Nope.  We spent money on those (they were from costco and so we have QUITE a few...like 100s) and we are going to use them until they are finished.  Once they are gone, you can stop using dryer sheets/fabric softener and change over to your alternative."  He was right. 

I can't freak out and change all of the rituals in my life because of what I hear or what I read.  It's the same reason why I believe McDonalds and CocaCola filled with highfructosecornsyrup is a wonderful thing sometimes.  I wish pop in the United States had cane sugar in it (I really wish Coke would make something like the amazing 'pepsi throwback') but I am not going to stop drinking Coke once in a while because of that.

Anyways....one way I can be wise without changing too many rituals is by cleaning with Norwex.  Norwex makes microfiber cloths that only require WATER to clean almost all of your home.  JD did not believe it until we cleaned the whole bathroom (minus toilet and bottom of tub) with 2 cloths.  And it was sparkling!!!

Norwex cloths:
-are cleaner
a. Remove dirt instead of smearing it around
b. Remove 99.94% bacteria and viruses from smooth surfaces with just water
c. Leave no residue, surfaces stay clean longer
d. Dry streak free
e. Dry quickly (reduces bacteria growth)
f. Will hold more than five times its weight in picked up debris, grime, and liquid
-save money
a. Spend less on chemicals, paper towels, sponges, etc.
b. Long lasting products
c. Clean 90% of your home without chemicals- just water!
-are healthier
a. Less allergies
b. No breathing, touching or indirectly ingesting dangerous chemicals, their fumes and their residues
c. better for little d!!! 

Here is an even better explanation

If you are a fan of e-cloth or other microfiber competitors this is why Norwex seems better to me.
-Bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses cannot survive or adapt in norwex's patented silver agent that is in their anti bac cloths
-Norwex has 2.9 billion meters of microfiber per cloth and a triangular weave (split to 1/6 of a human hair) that makes it unique to hold the dirt and germs better than competitors
-They last up to 500 washes or more verses the competitors 300
-Competitor cloths have been known to bleed

I have been really happy with the the 4 items I bought.  They will pay for themselves since I am not buying sponges anymore and will not be making my own chemical free cleaner any longer.


  1. Dear me, I can so relate...I'm totally the same...I get really passionate about things and always end up doing a total pendulum swing towards being a little obsessive. I've thrown away a lot of stuff. Don't tell my husband. :)