Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We extended our lease.  We love our apartment, we love our location, we want to stay there...but I also want pretty walls.  And with a longer lease we have a new privledge.

We were given the right to paint...but with that right we were given many rules.
1.  We can only use Valspar Colorstyle Latex Satin Enamel Paint
2.  We can only use light-medium colors (boo)
3.  The apartment company must pre-approve the colors (booooo)
4. We are not allowed to actually paint.  The socialist painting rule makers get to paint.  This might seem like a positive to some but I love painting and I like control.
5. They are not responsible for the sample not matching the dried color on the wall...but we can't test the paint.  (BOOOOOO)

So you might think I would play it safe with all these rules.  But I'm not.  Today, my sweet husband will take my light to medium very bright colored paint swatches to the office and attempt to get them approved. 

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