Wednesday, April 14, 2010


love like it list

I tend to cheapen the word love--and I don't want to anymore.  It just doesn't seem right that I use the same word for God, my husband, my mom...and ice cream, beautiful fabric, and pretty frame walls.

so anyways!!!
this pillow is so great.  it reminds me of these pillows which i am a hugeee fan of!  they have all kinds--every state, many large cities, and this pretty America one.  jd and I hope to own a Michigan, Minnesota, & North Dakota one someday.
if you want one buy it at (my friend MK's mom's boutique) 
they have amazing, unique, gifts for you and for home.
HOW AMAZING???  I really like George Washington.  and its hermes!!  I'm not sure if it's still on their website because I saved this picture a looonnng time ago.

okay i know this one isn't quite as beautiful--but it's from target!  and only 300.00!
I think that's a good deal.  But I've never bought a chair.  hahha.

another good deal--this comfy pumpkiny jcrew skirt for $19.99

like zipper details a lot.  especially when they use a good color combo.
photos via
wild.  but like so much.  i almost would prefer it as an accent wall instead.

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