Thursday, April 1, 2010

wild salmon!!

If you live near a Super Target or Target with a P-Fresh section go grab a bag of their frozen Wild Salmon Fillets...they are on sale for $6.50 (regular $8.99) for a bag of 6-7 fillets now through Saturday.

Great deal.

Do you know the benefits of wild salmon vs. farm raised salmon??  Read this article if you have time or here are some quick facts about farm raised salmon (booo).
1. First, the food that they normally eat in the wild converts into powerful omega 3s for us; the farm raised salmon doesn't have as high nutritional value.
2. Second, the food they eat naturally helps them turn that beautiful pink color to which we are accustomed; the farm raised are therefore fed colorings to make them more palatable to our eye.
3. Finally, the food they eat affects how they taste and there is truly no comparison in flavor or texture.
facts via, image via google


  1. I'm totally getting some tomorrow. That's a great deal for wild salmon. thanks!

  2. it was not on sale today :( must have only been a one-day special. or just at the Nicollet store

  3. They didn't have it at our super target either : (

  4. this is wonderful!