Wednesday, March 24, 2010

photography i love.

2 years ago I was a senior in college.  Getting ready to wrap up the best 3.5 years of my life (thus far).  Planning my wedding.  Writing my thesis.  Collecting last minute data from the cutest little preschoolers in the world.  Trying to find more preschoolers to get data from.  My thesis studied cognative ability in children with autism--it was very difficult to find participants in a tiny town in southern michigan.  I lived with my crazy amazing friend, HS, in the Kappa house.  I missed JD like crazy, although sometimes I was bad at showing it.

One of my favorite things about senior year was the friendships that developed/deepened.  Since the love of my life was 1000 miles away, I invested a lot more time in people I hadn't known that well before.  One of those people was my friend KM, then KR.  She was from North Dakota, too.  And you know how I love North Dakotans!!! 

I wanted her to photograph my wedding...and finally one day in March or April, she said yes.  It would work out since her new boyfriend (now husband) was from a town close to my hometown...and she could stay with his family.  Not only did we become very close that year, she agreed to capture the most important day of my life on film (or should I say megapixels?).  And have I mentioned that she designed my blog header?  Miss you KM.

this is me & my MOH, GEM.  Isn't she beautiful??
after the storm. 
going to get married.

photos via km, kith and kin photography

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Someday, when I am blessed with a little bundle...I hope that I can have a photo shoot kind of like this with JD and little D.

Kate photographed my lovely LA's wedding in September.  She is wonderful.

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  1. You are so sweet! Thank you! You got me started, I'm so glad I was able to be there. miss you too.