Wednesday, March 3, 2010

words of wisdom

  • Eat more plants and less food that's manufactured in plants. 
  • If you get a splinter, put clear tape over the splinter and pull it off (if this works I am going to be so happy)
  • Spend a couple minutes every day listing the things you're thankful for.  JD sometimes tells me to do this when I am in a grumpy mood.  It works.  (I have also heard this has been proven to help reduce depression)
  • Lose an argument on purpose.
  • Invest in good pens and nice note cards.  I love writing thank you notes...but if I didn't have as pretty of stationary I would procrastinate longer.
  • Make your bed.  It just makes your room look better.  JD and I have a little rule that the last one up makes the bed.  This is how pathetic I am:  Sometimes I get excited when I wake up earlier than him because it means I don't have to make the bed.  hahaha.
info via target "red" magazine with my own additions :)

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