Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm eating a yummy lunch right now.  I have always had a very good relationship with food.  And I credit that to my mama.  CG is a dietician for pregnant women...well I guess that technically she's a First Mate...but she makes very nutritious and yummy meals while on deck...and someday will return to the nutrition world. 

I love food.  I really enjoy eating it.  But I also like preparing it.  And buying it.  And reading about it.  And reading what's inside of it.  Ingredient lists are the only thing I like about the FDA...but that is a whole other topic.

Here are the grocery stores I shop on a weekly basis.  By going to all five I save a TON of money and have so much fun!

1.COSTCO (I am obsessed.  My friend LA and I have discussed how we would commute hours to shop there if for some awful reason we had to move to a place without one) 
2.Super Target (They truly have amazing deals and fabulous owned brands.  Shop more, Pay Less...and no, I didn't get a bonus to say that)
3.Trader Joe's (Not only do they have the cheapest most amazing Shiraz...they have some of the best deals on Organic and unprocessed foods that I have ever found)
4.Whole Foods (the best samples...and great staples that you can't find anywhere else besides food coops...like Unrefined Coconut Oil and other random things like Castile Soap to make homemade chemical free all purpose cleaner (thanks CG!)
5. Rainbow Foods (I usually only buy avocados here.  But those are so important to me that I am including it.)

A Vente Latte and a full cart at Costco!!  I'm jealous :)

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  1. I'm so sad to not have a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods here : (