Thursday, February 25, 2010

ice cream is my love.

alllllways has been.  always will be. 
Some of my favorite ice cream boutiques:  Tasty Twist (East Lansing, MI)  McDonalds, M&M or Oreo McFlurry's (locations worldwide) Sebastian Joe's (Minneapolis, MN) Raspberry Chocolate Chip & Coldstone Creamery.  oh oh oh I can't forget: Dairy Dock (Vermillion, OH)...medium chocolate vanilla twist dipped in crunchies.  I don't know if I love it because it's really amazing or because I only eat it if I'm with my bestie since 1.5 years of age, GEM.

What does ice cream and this these (couldn't decide...they are all so pretty) gadgets have in common???

I just found out that you can buy this attachment for Kitchen Aid Mixers that allows you to make homemade ice cream!!!!  Homemade ice cream is DELISH.  And there are no preservatives or guar gum (sp?)involved.  Just pure goodness.  This is a brilliant feature...and space saving.  Ice cream makers are bulky.  Anyways...if you have a Kitchen should buy one.

Now the real question is...if I ever am blessed with a Kitchen Aid...what color will I choose!?!?!  The chocolate brown is just killer.  But I lean towards wild colored kitchen things.  Right now I would pick the lime.  Maybe.  I'm pretty sure you only buy a Kitchen aid once so this will be tough.  Good thing I have at least 2.5 years to think about it.

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  1. Zach has a royal blue and he loves it. And always talks about getting an ice cream attachment.