Friday, February 12, 2010

love, love, loooveee.

Feb 14 is approaching.  My favorite thing about that day was decorating little boxes in elementary school and then having all your classmates fill them with candy and cards.  I still love decorating, I still love candy...and I loveee getting I still love vday.  It's also one of my besties, RS's birthday!  and I LOVE birthdays!  Valentine's day has me thinking about weddings.  Maybe because I keep hearing about people getting engaged...or wanting to be engaged :)

Someday, I would like to plan another wedding (not my own...since I pray to be married to my man forever A & I would rather spend someone else's money B)

I have decided that you will always have better ideas AFTER you get married than you did least that's how I feel.  Agreed?
For instance. I am KICKING myself that I did not wear a sweet headband/piece instead of a veil.

beautiful necklaces for brides or bachelorettes

the perfect green and such a flattering dress.
and finally.  It's so funny.  I worked at J.Crew when I was wedding dress shopping, purchased my bridesmaids dresses there, and didn't even consider buying my dress there.  Loved what I ended up wearing...but these are just scrumptious.  I don't remember the dress selection summer of 2008, but it wasn't this good.!

photos via jcrew & etsy

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  1. I'm kicking myself too. gah. But only about my wedding look- nothing else. If I could do it over, this would be my exact wedding look:

    LOVE her dress. love her hair.

    Couldn't be happier about my groom though :)