Tuesday, June 24, 2014

things we love // June

Picking peonies from the Z's backyard and filling my whole house with them.  We love our besties.
My girls and their growing friendship and bravery.  
2 dates in one week!  2!!!!!  Thanks, ma.
My mom doing ALL of our laundry this week.  At this moment EVERY single piece of clothing is clean and folded because she insisted on doing one last load last night before bed.  #spoiled
Finding little bits of Reagan's imagination all over the house.  Here are "yias yia's welcoming people."
Easy summer dinners.  Leftover grilled steak.  Oven fried bacon.  Chopped greens.  Tomatoes.  Blue cheese.  Vinegrette.
Digging for worms.  Props to Hudson for leading us all to this new favorite hobby.
Visits from the cutest niece that has ever lived, Mackie!!  
Our youngest.  The sweet, the steady and the calm of our family.   

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