Wednesday, June 11, 2014

jamesey v // almost 16 months

I love mothering a little boy.  It's so different and so fun.  James has been God's grace to me lately, needing little more than a full tummy (which can be a somewhat daunting task) and a bit of comfort when he falls (often).

He is so independent and finds joy in the smallest things, particularly any picture or figurine somewhat resembling an "EEEEEEEEE." His word for "doggy."  The other day I tied an old shoe string on a plastic dog toy and he pulled his little EEEEE around for an hour smiling, talking and laughing.  He also likes to lay on the floor, sometimes for as long as 5 minutes, until someone, hopefully Rea, finds him and gives him some tickles.  Then he starts belly laughing in such a way that the whole house turns to joy no matter what the circumstances.

He's by nature an early riser.  My girls are NOT...they are those funny little ones that enjoy sleeping till 9am.  I have gently trained him to go at least until 7 and today as I write this at 7:40a he is still sleeping.  On days that he wakes before his sisters, we embrace it.  He has breakfast alone while I sip my coffee and we usually go outside and water my flowers and tomatoes.  
He loves playing in the water, playing with balls, and playing with his sisters.  And food. He adores eating and making huge messes while he eats.  Ellen's tray is usually spotless and neat.  James' tray and the floor beneath tends to be a disgusting mess.  A typical breakfast for him these days: 1 banana, 1 piece of toast, 2-4 scrambled eggs OR a big bowl of oatmeal.  Tank.
When he wakes from his nap he says "mama" in his deep raspy voice and wants me to himself for at least 10 minutes.  There is nothing I would rather do than cuddle his mushy little body but the nature of our current life sometimes requires me to end that time early with the only other thing that will comfort him post-wake up, a snack.  
Thank you, James, for your calm, sweet presence.  Thank you, Lord, for creating him for our family.  Thank you, JD, for allowing me the luxury of having the best job in the world!  

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