Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ellie grace // almost 16 months

This girl.  Such a cuddly goof ball.  So compliant and gentle spirited with a side of sass and daredevil. 
Jose let her sit on a bar stool this weekend and now her main activity of the day is sitting on a bar stool, sucking on her blankie, watching over her brother and sister.  She is our care giver.  Offering blankies and cuddles to everyone, especially if they are upset, and especially to her brother.  
If you ask "Ellie come give me kisses," she wanders over with her fast little trot and gives you a huge kiss, usually square on the lips plus a bear hug.  
When Jose walks in the door she squeels with delight and is the first to run into his arms.  She also has a particular love for her Grandpa Tom and Chantel.  She is still a mama's girl and has the hardest time of all my kids being left anywhere, especially the gym.  She is slowly getting better and I love the extra cuddles. 
She has the oddest and most intense obsession with shoes.  Putting them on, wearing them, hoarding them.  Her shoes, Reagan's shoes, my shoes, Jose's shoes.  We think it's the funniest thing in the world.  
And she's always climbing something.  
And hardly ever falling.  She is so focused and determined.  
She is my least picky eater so far and so neat, especially when compared with her brother.  The small mess on the side of her chair in the below picture is not from her.  James carries over his mess to her tray.
 We treasure you, Ellie Grace.  I love how you will sit in my lap for many hours of the day just because you want to.  I hope you always seek me out like that.  I still PRAISE GOD for your perfect sleeping skills.  You are pure fun and a total DELIGHT!  

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