Thursday, October 10, 2013

when we first saw double.

It's been a year since I sat on that ultrasound table and saw double.  Two sacks.  Two placentas.  Two little heads and two little bodies.

Most of you all know I tend to have the wrong emotions at the wrong time.  I have big reactions for the little things.  I rarely cry at an appropriate moment.  But today, I'm sappy and I'm nostalgic and I'm celebrating and I bought donuts.  My two little babes!  They are the heart of this family.  They have blessed our entire extended family and friends beyond measure and they are making me more like Jesus at a much more rapid pace than a singleton would.  I'll drink to that!

Cheers to Ellen Grace and James Valutis (formerly known as twin a and twin b).

Here are some sleeping pictures because that is how sappy I am today!!!!!

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