Monday, October 7, 2013

first summer of three.

When I look back on this past summer I wonder what I will remember.  It was sometimes wild and sometimes very simple.

 It started with two little babies that were needy and pretty demanding... And a two and a half year old that didn't quite understand why twins had showed up at her door.  It began with Joseph's 4 week paternity leave in May, and a visit from my mom in June.

 It ended with two independent 7 month olds, who usually sleep amazing, nurse amazing and fit perfectly in our family.  It ended with an almost 3 year old who's heart is softer, and who wakes up from every sleep wondering where her "Jamesey boy" and "Ellie bellie" are.  It ended with a great routine, confidence in being a mama of three and less piles of clean laundry.

As we venture into fall and our season of outside-all-the-time draws near, I am just so thankful for this sweet summer.  For popsicles on the porch when the twins were still sleeping, for Hudson and Reagan splashing in the "green poo (pool)," for not enough weekends at the lake but sweet time at home with my man, for air conditioning, for Mabel's sweet arrival on a hot august night, for bearable and somewhat peaceful road trips, and for countless trips to countless parks.  We will miss you, summer, but as Reagan keeps saying almost daily, "I can't wait for snow."

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