Thursday, August 8, 2013

mabel grace.

This week a very special girl was welcomed into our lives, Ms. Mabel Grace.  How awesome is her name??  It means "lovable."  I actually don't know if the meaning made her parents like the name more but I can tell you that she is completely lovable and LOVED by so many.  She is also pretty mushy, like her sweet big brother was, which makes my heart very happy.
Reagan held her for the first time today and I was blessed to cuddle her for the first time just 45 min after she was born, late Monday night.  The nurse that helped Liz through her {natural, kick butt, drug free} labor was randomly the same one who coached me through my labor with the twins!  I loved that lady and so it was absolutely amazing reuniting with her on Monday night, and knowing she had just gone through that same miracle with one of my very best friends.
I have imagined meeting this little soul for months and her arrival has been better than I dreamed.  Can't wait to watch you grow, little mabester.  Our crew loves you so very much.

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