Saturday, August 17, 2013

blueberries for Reagan.

My parents lake has an amazing blueberry patch hidden in the woods behind their home.  When we took Reagan back there she immediately remembered one of her favorite books, "Blueberries for Sal."  
She said "kerplunk kerplunk" as she dropped her blueberries in her "pail" (plastic cup) and did not want to eat any blueberries until we got home because we needed to "save them for winter."  
She was happily leaping and chatting around the patch and could have stayed there for hours.  She returned with yia yia and papooh to pick more the next day.  I consumed about 3 pints straight off the bush.  Wild blueberries are the perfect texture and taste.
Ellen came along for the adventure while Jamesey slept.  She had her first solid food, the inside of a blueberry, and loved it!  We awoke the next morning to warm blueberry bran muffins made by my amazing mama.  We're en route to Minneapolis now and missing our Michigan adventures.
If you never have read "blueberries for sal" by Robert McCloskey the Dunham crew highly recommends it!


  1. how sweet! i love it when you get to see a book come alive in a toddler's imagination. and my my she looks just like her daddy in that second to last picture of her!

  2. adorable <3 we need to all exchange fave books...