Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2 year old JOY

There are moments where I feel quite overwhelmed.  Tired.  Sick of picking up the same toys and folding the same laundry.  A little bit weary (but mostly just hungry) with nursing two babies.  And then my firstborn says something or performs an antic that allows me to forget it all, burst out laughing, and remember to choose joy because this life is GOOD.  I am not sure if it's because she's mine, or if every 2.5 year old is like this, or if she really is the most unique, intelligent, amazing, hilarious little soul that has ever lived.  I'm going to go with the latter...

A couple of things hat I don't want to forget about this time.

"lellow" is still yellow
"pumice" is still hummus
 "May I please" this and "May I please" that.  She's got that one DOWN.
She lives for the park, sidewalk chalk, pretending, and popsicle time on the porch. 
She is in love with Mr. Rogers and Daniel Tiger on amazon prime and I might be more in love with that hour of tv time she is allowed per day.

A couple hilarious, unprompted quotes:
"Come here you silly thing!"
"I've had a really long day, Mama"
"May we just all take a deep breath?" (notice the "may")
"Let's go out for drinks!"
"I am a big, strong girl and I am going to fly into the clouds!"
"When my beautiful mama gets home may we watch tv?" (to my best friend who was watching her, yes she really said that)

My (crazy/amazingly/uber talented) friend, Jessi, took these photos of Rea sporting some of her pretty headbands (available for sale here).  Reagan was a little bit concerned that some geese were going to attack her during these shots.  Minutes after they were finished she jumped into the lake.  Fearlessly and fully clothed.  That's my girl.

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  1. Such an adorable little girl & such a beautiful life you are living!the twins are beautiful too! So many blessings in your life...I'm so happy for you.