Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mexico with my man.

 Mexico seems like months ago.  Not in a bad way.  Life is just going fast again.  Yesterday, JD started his new career and we are all settled into our beautiful home that I love!!!  I finally uploaded these pics and needed to share them because I can't forget the sweet week we had.  As you can see, we rarely stood up, and ate the most amazing food ever.  If you need an all inclusive recommendation, PLEASE email me.  Thank you to my AMAZING soul mate who planned every inch of it and worked his tail off so we could go.  I love you, JD.
 Missing out on these was harder than expected.  Every drink made from fresh juices...no mixes.  Amazing.
 The staff was in love with my husband.  They cheered when he walked in for breakfast and lunch.  We are still not quite sure how this attachment began. I think it's because my husband treats people with genuine kindness and makes them laugh with his dry humor (and bad Spanish).  Easy to fall in love with.
 He also rents out cabanas for his wife.  I never spent so much time in the shade as I did on this vacay.  Pregnancy changes my normal 12 hour laying out routine.  
 cerveza y cohiba
 the most amazing lamb i have ever tasted.
followed Jean Dunham tradition and got up at 6 to watch the sunrise.  gorgeous, and makes your last day last longer :)

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! i'm so glad you guys got to enjoy such a fantastic getaway before baby #2 arrives. and SPEAKING OF... congratulations!! you are lovely as ever, and i can't wait to see how God blesses you through this new adventure. you are going to be great, and just wait until your heart melts into a puddle when you see rd as a big sister!!!