Monday, October 22, 2012

frame wall tutorial

Frame walls are a great way to fill a large empty space on a budget. Most of my frames are handmedowns, garage sale finds, from goodwill or target clearance. The key to a good wall is beautiful, meaningful photos/artwork and careful placement. About a month ago, I created a frame wall in our new home.
I wanted to include this clock so I had Jose hang it first.  I had no real thought process in where I put it.  I prefer things off centered so I picked a random, low spot.
Then I just started positioning frames around the clock.  Hanging went quickly because of the below "toothpaste" method :)
I had all frames in a pile on the table and chose them one at a time based on color, size, and who was in the photo.
I squeezed a big dollop of toothpaste over the hanging area (make sure it's a very nice sized dollop)
Then I pressed the frame firmly against wall so I could see where JD should hammer in the nail.  While JD hammered I chose the next photo.  We had it finished in one nap.
The end product.  I guess it's a good thing that there is some room for my wall "to grow."

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