Tuesday, April 10, 2012

24 and a half years ago.

24 and a half years ago i met my best friend.  we were reagan's exact age.  i do not remember.  but i start to remember tiny bits at about the age we were in this photo.  we are cradling our new baby siblings, b & b.  (g left)
one memory comes to mind.  we were sitting in my plastic play house at the little fold down table.  we were eating toonies (raisins) and fruit snacks.  the ones that were shaped like little tiny eggs.  and laughing.  and then my mom stuck her head in the play house and the memory ends.  my mama says our friendship was uniquely real and deep for 3 years olds.  at that age, i moved from california to spain and we never lived in the same state again.  gwynnie's mom says that she mourned the seperation in a way that was beyond her years. gwynnie has always been a deep thinker.  a genius.  a brilliant writer.  a true friend.  she remembers just as much as i do, which is rare.  she is beautiful, and hilarious, and makes me feel instantly at home, wherever we happen to be.  i am so thankful that God has kept us together, even though we've never really been in the same place, at the same time.
happy 26th birthday g. 

 toasting my cup of coffee to...olive bars, noonies, texas baseball caps, linwood, iced tea and lemonade, suntans, amy grant, a&f, fashion police, goodbye letters, train rides, swings, silk blouses and everything in between.


  1. couldn't have said it any better.

  2. i love that you ate egg shaped fruit snacks together. i loved those...and I love that pic of you holdings your little babes. so precious. Happy birthday, GM...wish you lived here