Friday, October 14, 2011


today, the REAL housewives of minneapolis packed up the babies and ventured to the cider mill.  i love being a stay at home mom.  i love spontaneous adventures.  i love having one of my best friends live less than 10 minutes away.  i love that she is a stay at home mom, too.  i LOVE my little reagan rosalie.  and hudson.  and donuts!!  so today was pretty much bliss.
i really do have the best job.  have a beautiful weekend...


  1. is reagan's hair red? it is so beautiful! glad you had a fun day out. : )

  2. Yes!!! Surprised you didn't see that before?? I guess many people have said that they don't notice until they see her in person because many pics don't capture it. It is auburn red and very red in the sun! I love it.

  3. There is no way to measure how much I love this....and all of you. It is impossible

    Love lizzy