Sunday, October 16, 2011


This picture is of my yiayia (greek nickname for grandma) and her three children, Ronald, Kay, and Ernie.  Ronnie is on the left.  My great grandmother, Anna Ring Valutis, would have been 96 years old on October 9.  She was married to my Papooh on October 20, 1935.  She was 20 but didn't tell her 30 year old husband this until after they were married!  20 doesn't seem that young to be married back then so it's interesting to me that she kept it a secret :)

Following their first anniversary on October 16, 1936 my grandfather, Ronnie, was born to Ann and Tony at Irwin San Hospital in the Borough of Queens, Long Island, New York.  I wonder if they imagined that the little blessing in their arms would be one of the most God fearing, hilarious, intelligent, hard working men that ever lived.

50 years later my Papa welcomed his first grandchild in to the world.  She was a little spitfire right from the beginning.  He used to tell me that she started talking at 9 months and never stopped.  If you know her, you probably agree.  As you may have guessed, that spitfire is me.  

Almost 25 years after that my Papa welcomed his first great grandchild in to the world.  She was named in honor of his favorite president and favorite woman (my Nana Rosalie).  Although he was not on earth to meet her, he watches her and chuckles at her from Heaven.  I am SURE of this.  

Happy Birthday Papa.  73 years was way too I am celebrating 75 today.

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  1. i kept checking all day for this post! beautiful.