Friday, April 24, 2015

quick jaunt up north and a mom rant.

I love being spontaneous and I love surprises.  I also love my dear sweet Lizzie and miss her every single day.  I miss our grocery runs to bless each other, last minute park dates, early morning garage sale runs and driving to her house at 9pm to being her red vines. That technically happened once but I miss the freedom of living so close that we could do random things like that.  I miss sharing our shoes, our clothes and our hearts face to face.  I really miss her sweet son, Matty, who went to heaven far too soon.  His short life still breaks me but has grown my belief in the plans ordained by our all knowing, loving and powerful God.  Because of all of this and more, CZ and I packed up 2 babies each in the van and took a 24 hour jaunt to Liz's gorgeous resort.  Talk about heaven on earth.  No better place to celebrate 3 years in heaven for Matty.  
These two chatted almost the whole way up north.  I love their friendship.
60 degrees and windy.  Wading in the maybe 50 degree water.  
Reags knows how to soak up the northwoods life.
My beautiful daughters.
The best sleeper ever looking too sweet. Liz has sold me on taking pictures of my kids sleeping.
Two peas in a pod.
Maybe our first successful selfie ever?
The sweetest 4 year olds on earth.
MY BESTS!!!!!!!!!!!  

(quick rant) 
maybe one of my top parenting tips:  

Teach your babies to enjoy road trips.  Even the 50 minute ones where you deliver a new mama a meal out in the country or the day where you have to run 6 errands.  This isn't necessary for all but I believe it's useful for all.  I can't tell you how many times I have been able to serve people or love on people more because of the flexibility of my kids in the car.  I haven't done anything unique or special to encourage this except drive a lot, take chances driving places, be consistent in expecting happy/thankful hearts and use TV/movies in the car ONLY in extreme cases (like 12 hour trips).  It blesses me because I enjoy driving and know that we can BE flexible!  There is not a lot that is more important as a mom than being flexible!!!!  The other day we were on our 3rd drive through/drop off errand, 60 or so min of sitting straight in the car....and my sweethearts broke out in to a round of Holy Holy Holy.  They all were singing together and giggling and smiling.  I joined in and also held back tears.  God, thank you for these sweet souls and the 4th one on the way.  You are too good and too kind to me.


  1. Amen to your mom rant - it's one of the many, many things I admire about you as a mom - your flexibility and your joy in that flexibility. I hope one day when I'm a mom I'm able to take a similar chill approach (and hopefully have kids half as good as yours!)

  2. Congratulations! What a blessing! When is #4 coming?