Friday, February 17, 2012

it's the little things.

i wish you could have seen my face when i saw this yesterday afternoon. pure joy.

sitting on the top shelf in the new products area. i have been dreaming of tomato paste in a tube for so long. i was just discussing it with a friend 2 weeks ago, and then of course, those trader joe's geniuses read our minds. tomato paste is called for in many recipes and always just a tablespoon or two. this results in a half thrown away can because you won't be using it anytime soon...BUT you will need it again in a month. it's the little things in life.

reagan enjoyed the marinara i made with the 99cent tube. this is her cheesin' smile. it almost gives me goosebumps i love it so much. my little cousins tell me she does it because i do it. haha do i really do that?!?!! these babes pick up every little thing.


  1. wow...i am so happy about this (and rea's face). -la

  2. yes. you do that all the time. I have a picture of you holding up rea's patty doing it.