Friday, February 24, 2012

if you think being a stay at home mom is uneventful, think again.

Rea has been teething and wakeful at night. I think she is getting 4 new ones. She also recently dropped her morning nap...she only takes one! So grown up. I have felt a little tired and unproductive during the day and was starting to think negatively about all the things I didn't do that are on "my list." In situations like this I try to pull a cindyvalutis (my mama) and get all positive. So I made a list of what I did get done. It helped. Happy Friday. This week I... Spent time with my friends. Made homemade chicken stock and two yummy dinners.

Hosted two sets of guests in the evenings. Read Reagan at least 50 stories. Dumpster dived for one of Rea's sparkly pink Toms after questioning if she threw it out the day before (she is in love with throwing away). Sure enough. In the trash.

Watched the finale of downton abbey with my wonderful jd. Cleaned the bathroom (but not my floors). Started a painting project. Prayed more than usual. Had at least ten dance parties with Reagan. Sent a care package and letter to my dad in Afghanistan. Enjoyed leftover french silk pie for breakfast....mmmmm.

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  1. I know how you feel--sometimes I feel like I haven't accomplished anything at the end of the day or the end of the week, and then I make a mental list of things I've done (cleaned my shower, did pilates) and I feel better :)