Monday, January 30, 2012

experiencing life in your yoga pants.

With each one of your children, you only get a short season of sowing. As a mother, you have to capitalize on the opportunities that the season brings. Your time is now. This opportunity won't come around again with your child. Life is continuing to march on, one way or the other. You might feel like you are missing out on the excitement. You might feel like the world is passing you by as you rarely get showered and dressed before noon because you are busy caring for your baby. Let me assure you that you are experiencing LIFE. You are experiencing true life in its most beautiful form right there in your yoga pants. It's not exactly how you dreamed it would be, is it? You might not realize it yet, but these days of your life will be the most influential days that you will ever have!

Your time is now, dear mother. Don't miss it.

-Kathleen Nelson, Motherhood, The Heart of a Mother

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  1. Thanks for sharing this vital truth! I needed that encouragement for today...and I am fully dressed! :) Time truly does fly with your little ones - treasure every moment and make the MOST of every opportunity to experience this precious season.