Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday I woke to SNOW on my last day in North Dakota.  I have started to believe that I really was meant to live in the Northern Tundra as this didn't even bother me.  Rea and I spent the week with my in laws while JD studied and wrote papers.  2L will be over in just 8 days.  VERY hard to believe.  This semester just flew.

Reagan has her first little cold.  You wouldn't even really be able to tell if she wasn't so sniffly and her pacifier didn't fall out like crazy while she sleeps :)  Her disposition has still been very cheerful and funny.  Her latest love is hearing her own pretty voice aka screaming.

If her cold clears up I will be starting solids this week.  I am going to make my own rice or oat cereal (deciding right now) and also give her avocados.  If it wasn't for my pumping situation I think I would wait a lot longer.  She does seem ready.  Just obsessed with food and trying to grab it.  On our way home yesterday we stopped at Dunn Brothers for a latte and snack and she practically dived in to my yogurt parfait.

Very excited about May.  We will go home to ND one more time, drive to Michigan to see yia yia Cindy for the first time since Rea was 3 weeks old!!!!! and see many high school and hopefully some college friends.  JD will take 2.5 weeks off with no work or school.  This has not happened...ever.  We are not really sure what we are going to do with ourselves.

God bless your day.

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