Friday, May 6, 2011


milestone of the week:  avocado.  now whether or not she swallowed more than a teaspoon...unsure.  most of the food ended up on her face/clothes/my clothes/bumbo.  but...they say it takes a while.  tomorrow morning will be meal number 4.  regardless, it's been fun :)  I would highly recommend avocado for a first baby food.  it is SO easy to prepare and so full of goodness for the babe.  I just take a teaspoon chunk out of one half of the avocado (I store them covered in plastic wrap with pit in the fridge) and JD or I eats the other half :) then i mash it up in a little bowl with a fork and add a little bit of breast milk until it's nice and thin.  I have read many books that claim it's a great first food but here is an online source.

yes, she is wearing avocado apparel.  one of my best friend, cz's, dad is an avocado farmer in california.  i know, so cool.  she got rea this onesie and her little z has a matching one.  he is going to start on avocados too, of course :)

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