Friday, July 16, 2010

little feet and big bellies.

Thinking about little d's little feet.  Last night I could REALLY feel ld's movement as I was laying in bed.  The little one was moving around like crazy.  JD set his hand on my tummy and felt a big kick three times.  Such a miracle.

I saw a former co-worker at Starbucks this AM that is due any day...her belly is so beautiful.  Have you seen forever 21's maternity line?  It's not a very large assortment but they will be introducing new denim styles for under $20.00 soon.  The last styles they had sold out before I was able to order any...bummer because I CAN'T button any of my jeans.  Thank goodness for my belly band (gracias CZ).

cute with leggings or black skinny pants, blazer, and a scarf for work.
17.80 + tax and shipping (Maternity is only available in maybe 3 cities?) plus 21% off this week.
great deal.

i'm off to the lake!!!  happy weekend.


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