Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It keeps growing on me. After a weekend of babysitting with cable I became even more fond of it due to a couple of hgtv makeovers con wallpaper.
pinks and
the wallpaper is romo fabrics "kenzan"
believe it or not this gorgeousness is wallpaper company
also strong stripe like this would be great on an accent wall with 3 red, yellow, green, eggplant, really any bold colored walls.  It also would be gorgeous framed on the top half of a room with crown molding...the bottom painted a contrasting color.  It ALSO would be a great frame wall background :)
would be so beautiful with coral accents.
little leaves from
very modern but fun, "delight" from
also from, jubilee
very classic--one of my favorites.
these two are from anthro-I prefer the top pattern but the bottom would be fun on an accent wall in a child's room.  The gold pattern would look amazing with grays, creams, navys.
Two more nice uses of wallpaper via 
I think wallpaper looks best if you have nice's a form of art that needs a frame.

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