Thursday, May 13, 2010

for my sailing mama.

My mom really loves shoes, especially fun leather flats but can't really wear them because she is constantly getting wet on dinghy rides, etc. She has worn out her favorite pair and needs a new option.

During my visit to Florida, we saw some plastic Sam Edelman flats at TJ Maxx that were actually really cute. They were not the right size I have been looking around when I have a moment and have found a couple of nice, plastic options :)

here you go mama, and any other sailors out there!

Two Tone Kartell's
Melissa Plastic Dreams (that name is really weird.) "Adanna"
available at nordstrom, sax, and other online boutiques...just google them.

Melissa "Gold"
these are all available in many fun colors.
Melissa "Marine Flat"

One of Melissa's designs with Vivienne Westwood.

images via google

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