Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the road to LAHANA

Techinically it's the road to Hana but for some reason BZ and JD latched on to LAHANA and when they latch on, it never ends.  
We started off the morning in our sweet rental jeep that BZ picked up the night before.
Left at 7 with a full cooler and another jeep behind us full of 4 friends.  We all grabbed McDonald's breakfast and then started an unforgettable road trip.  BZ drove us through the windiest, narrowest roads dug out of mountains.  We stopped at a roadside stand for warm homemade banana bread.  Jose preferred standing up in the passenger seat to sitting.  The waves crashing against the beaches, rocks and mountain were huge and glorious.  The beauty was a testament to God's glorious handiwork.  It was an awesome day.  

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