Monday, September 1, 2014

a sweet summer.

I can't believe it's September.  This summer was so satisfying.  We did a lot and then sometimes didn't do much at all.  Many days my babes were independent, easy and sweet. Sometimes they tugged at my legs all day or we lived on the living room floor with all 3 fighting over my lap amidst piles of books.   

We spent tons of time outside.  We beached, parked, pooled or playdated 4 days a week.  JD and I got addicted to "LOST."  He made me lots of amazing cocktails and we stayed up way too late laughing, chatting and just being next to eachother.  James became our chatterbox, learning words left and right.  Elle has become more quiet, more fearless and REALLY into anything that buckles.  Reagan went from long naps to rests in her room and just said goodbye to her nighttime pull up.  JD worked hard and experienced great success in the office.  We worked hard at home and got a hold on more of our kids' hearts.  God is teaching me to keep my eyes on Him more and myself less.  That's all I want.  

Now onward to football, baby z and p, trips to the orchard (aka donuts), BSF, and lots of soup on my meal plan!  

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