Friday, May 9, 2014

getaway to the District.

Reunited with the best of the best, Gwynnie! We are standing on her lovely street in Adams-Morgan. 
Alexandria waterfront.
Our littles on Easter Sunday.  They loved their time with their amazing grandma and grandpa Dunham.  
JD, myself, Supreme Court Justice Scalia, our dear friend and clerk to the SC, Ryan Walsh.  What an honor.  We had the privilege of listening to the SC oral arguments and it was one of the coolest things either of us has ever done.  The intelligence in that room was so overwhelming.
Ryan set up a private tour of the Supreme Court building for us.  I had to take a photo of this gorgeous marble staircase.  We even got to see the gym where the justices work out!  
JD with the beautiful Everly Elizabeth.  What a hunk.  Baby fever???? 
Ryan (Lawrence on shoulders) JD and Lawrence's car.  These two lawyers are still two peas in a pod.  We love the Walshies!  
Anyone that lives in or goes to DC must indulge in this buttery perfect lobster roll at Luke's lobster.  Multiple locations.  
Just the yummiest Cosmo that the one and only Ryan Walsh J.D. made me.  Em and Ry threw us a Friday (technically Saturday) night function.  The only difference from my senior year of college was that there were babies hanging with us (but not mine so who cares!?).  The drinks were amazing and the people were Hillsdale...perfect.
So proud to be an American!
Our last night (we like Capitol pics) Missed our babies terribly but it was the sweetest break.  We ate long meals broken down into many courses.  We drank good wine.  We slept in and sat in silence.  We took naps.  Thank you, Lord, and thank you fabulous in laws!  
My husband is the BEST.  He planned the details of our trip so well especially in the food department.  He knows the way to my heart.  He read tons of restaurant reviews and amazed me at each selection.  Thank you, Joseph!  
Just a little crab cake eggs Benedict.  Best brunch I've had in a while.

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